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The Advantages of Using Plastic Business Cards – What to Know

When it comes to expanding networks in business, making a positive first impression is critical to your success. In spite of digital media dominating various industries’ marketing efforts, the use of business cards remains a vital promotional tool for your company. Nevertheless, many struggles to find innovative ways to reinvent business cards and keep potential clients from folding it up, never to be seen again.

This is where the introduction of plastic business cards come into play, wherein it combines traditional methods with a new endeavour to create the most impactful strategy. With that in mind, here are different reasons why going paperless and opting for plastic may be the best move for your business:

1. Plastic Business Cards are Durable

Paper business cards are easily foldable and can tear or stain within a short timeframe, which means that clients who take their time rifling through business cards may no longer have access to critical details in your card.

For that reason, opting for plastic cards may be the better option as other than standing out from the crowd in terms of design, it also guarantees that your customers will retain your contact details for longer than any other traditional paper stock card.

2. Plastic Business Cards Can Leave a Lasting Impression

The plastic material itself already sets your business apart, but the unparalleled quality can enhance your brand image and improve the reputation of your company. Unlike paper, the way colour sets on plastic gives it a more vibrant and deeper finish, which means that you can play around with your colour scheme and expect it to last for years to come.

This makes it an ideal option for brands that are aiming to push the boundaries of design – such as digital design agencies, graphic artists, and more.

3. Plastic Business Cards Cater to Customers

It’s no surprise that customers have more ways of transferring data in as quick as a click of a button, especially in this tech-savvy world. With that in mind, you can integrate a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip to your plastic business cards to enable customers to transfer information from your card straight to their phones directly.

While adding an NFC feature to plastic business cards can be a costly investment, there is a high chance of it generating leads for your website as it eliminates the inconvenience of manually typing down your details. Customers can also easily update your information without the risk of saving the wrong details. 

4. Plastic Business Cards Have a Variety of Uses

One of the best features of having a plastic business card is that it is multifunctional in various ways. In addition to its durability, plastic cards can be highly innovative in terms of its visual design. It can also be functional in the way it interacts with modern technologies that allow customers to store or retrieve details regarding your company’s products, services, and mode of contact.

In Conclusion

When it comes to business cards, various companies have always been ready to experiment with their style and material to improve their visual impact to customers. However, not many considering using plastic for their cards. Fortunately, it is gaining interest throughout various industries due to the material’s plethora of benefits – from its incomparable quality, rich design choices, and innovative style.

If you’re looking for printing services in London to print out your business cards, get in touch with us to see how we can help.